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Postfix + SASL2 - unable to open Berkeley db
   at 16:51 on Thu 27th October 2005

Eighteen comments
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by Crease at 20:39 on 27th Oct 2005
I have a nose-bleed.

by James at 01:44 on 29th Oct 2005
I have a cold. :(

by Woody at 12:43 on 30th Oct 2005
It makes perfect

by James at 02:02 on 31st Oct 2005
Yay! My cold's gone! \o/

by Dylan at 20:36 on 20th Nov 2005
Google led me here so your evil plan worked. Now I too have working SASL logins.
Yer my hero. w00t!

by it_redneck at 18:40 on 21st Nov 2005
oh the path that google can lead us down.
thanks for the sasldb2 tip.

do you think one can just create a symbolic link ?

by Matt at 12:09 on 28th Nov 2005
A symlink would probably work, yes. I was a little frustrated when I was trying to fix it so as soon as I hacked around and got it working, I just stopped. :-)

by Josh at 04:26 on 02nd Mar 2007
I've spent literally 1 hour trying 50 different things. You just saved my life. I owe you a chicken.

by trix at 20:04 on 15th Jul 2007
It did not work for me :-(
I am using Fedora 7 now.

I did solve the problem, but I think it is not the best way to do it, so I was looking for other solutions when I got to your page.

My solution is to add the user postfix to the security of /etc/sasldb2 and give it read permission. This one works for me.

by Ryanclaw at 14:05 on 14th Jan 2008
Hello I got the same problem but after reading some online docs i got this one and after successful work your page is on the other tab. your solutions is great.

by Robert at 05:21 on 04th Mar 2008
Note that you can also specify where saslpasswd2 creates its database:

$ saslpasswd2 -f /var/spool/postfix/etc/sasldb2 -u username

by boudiou at 21:18 on 10th May 2008
I found this page by googling the postfix error message.
Hopefully you will save me some debugging :)

Thanks dude !!!

by Dimitry at 05:48 on 09th Dec 2008
Old thread I know, but may help someone. You may also get permission denied errors, in which case do:
chown root:sasl /var/spool/postfix/etc/sasldb2

(use appropriate user/group)

by f00ked at 07:30 on 18th Feb 2009
nice - experienced much pain - sasl is evil and must be punished. mysql to do yet, but helped do a basic setup

by different Matt at 06:59 on 20th Feb 2009
he said it was being rooted (isolated) to the longer path above

by Kresho at 11:15 on 23rd Feb 2009
I tried with a symlink first, but it did not work - it complained about too many levels of symlinks. So I copied the file, but I also had to change ownershop of the file from root.root to postfix.postfix. I use ubuntu hardy.

by Rexlutty at 07:52 on 05th May 2009
ehh... informative

by Ulrich at 20:47 on 01st Jun 2009
Thanks man.